Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Self Hosted Wordpress to Blogspot Switch

It was a tough decision to move the blog to but it will be more beneficial for the growth of moving forward. Besides the fact the is free, we can also reap the benefits of using its search engine search-ability.

With one goal in mind which is to live our dreams below our means and get in the state of being cheap, we will continue to build this community and share our ideas on how to achieve such goals. will be sharing ideas on how we can eliminate unnecessary life expenses and plug the holes to our cash outflows. will have multiple categories from home, auto, travel, cheap vacations and eye popping destinations, and everything else that defines life or things that enhances it. We will also share ideas on how you can leverage technology to accomplish some of these goals or eliminate the use of technology to live a more simple and unplugged lifestyle.

We will also share great deals that we find in our local marketplace and communities; or from deals we stumble upon on the internet. Coupons and coupon codes that can help us save an extra bucks for buying our "needs". So buckle up and enjoy the ride, you'll be glad you did because at the end, you will be happier living your dreams below your means and being in the state of being cheap.

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