Monday, January 25, 2010

Get rid of your Cable TV (or Satellite TV) Monthly Bill

What a waste of time and money having such convenience (if you even consider it as that) at home. Get rid of your cable tv and enjoy the time it frees up of not watching TV at all. Just imagine the list of things you can do if you don't spend 4 hours a day of watching TV. Four hours total of TV time on a daily basis equals to almost 30 hours per week. Tending to family needs, tackling a honey do list, writing a blog like this, working out, or just simply enjoying a nice and quiet time trying to relax and unwind.

Ok! it's a great idea but not so realistic. So let's just aim to minimize TV watching time instead and spend more time to things that matters most. We grew up being entertained by television and getting rid of it cold-turkey will create a depressed society - maybe. Not getting that daily dose of news and gossip and day time talk shows or that soap or reality show will drive everybody insane - maybe. After all is said and done, at the end, we still need a little bit of TV entertainment but don't spend any penny on it - it should be free since advertisers already pays the television network to display their products or services to the viewing public.

So if you're spending money for cable TV, here's a few cheapty solutions you can execute to not pay for TV entertainment at all. If you're technically savvy, you can easily build a "media center" out off an old PC and utilize streaming internet delivered programming through hulu, boxee, and through a lot more free mediums that exist out there - for a list click here. Another alternative is to buy a digital antenna such as this Terk FDTV2 and receive all your local programming in digital format for free. Or if you like to experiment on things then read more about Free-air-tv.

Here's my current home media center setup:

Old Pentium 4 box with Ubuntu OS and XBMC. It is working like a charm.

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